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Pinboard Add New Bookmark

Add a new bookmark.

Pinboard Get All Posts

Returns all bookmarks in the user's account.

Pinboard Get Post by Dates

Returns a list of dates with the number of posts at each date.

Pinboard Delete a Post

Delete a bookmark.

Pinboard Get Posts

Returns one or more posts on a single day matching the arguments. If no date or url is given, date of most recent bookmark will be used.

Pinboard Get Recent Posts

Returns a list of the user's most recent posts, filtered by tag.

Pinboard Get Popular Tags

Returns a list of popular tags and recommended tags for a given URL. Popular tags are tags used site-wide for the url; recommended tags are drawn from the user's own tags.

Pinboard Update Tag

Returns the most recent time a bookmark was added, updated or deleted. Use this before calling posts/all to see if the data has changed since the last fetch.

Pinboard Deletes Tag

Delete an existing tag.

Pinboard Get Tags

Returns a full list of the user's tags along with the number of times they were used.

Pinboard Rename Tags

Rename an tag, or fold it in to an existing tag.

Pinboard Get User Secret

Get the secret RSS token (allows viewing user's private RSS feeds).

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